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Self Assessment Tax return in London or remote

Tax Returns

Individuals with both standard and non-standard taxation affairs are offered the benefit of a professionally prepared, tailored tax return service. It is increasingly important to ensure the correctness of all correspondence provided to the Revenue in order to prevent incorrect assessments being raised, errors in tax codes, or worse the chasing of erroneous fines. The annual tax return is of course the most important of documents and we offer our clients the piece of mind of knowing that their return has received the highest level of attention, taking into account their personal circumstances, salary requirements, or pension arrangements.

Our tax services aim to surpass the linear tax services delivered by the larger accountancy practices and deliver a dedicated, bespoke and structured strategy for every client, providing efficient and innovative tax-efficient strategies. This alternative approach is appropriate for a wide range of individuals and companies as it offers greater flexibility to accommodate changing events and maximise tax savings under a range of permutations.

Income Tax

We are able to design and implement a range of strategies to reduce the effective rate of tax payable on income. This is relevant to all sources of income upon which the higher rate of tax is paid.

Capital Gains

We specialise in minimizing the impact of Capital Gains Tax arising from chargeable gains, whether from the sale of property, shares, companies or assets.

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Tax Enquiry

Whether an individual or company, there can be no doubt that becoming the subject of a tax enquiry can be a particularly daunting time. It is all too easy to mishandle investigations under such pressure. Our aim at Lamosa Business Services is to take away the responsibility of handling communication with the Revenue as we step in to act in the best interests of the client. The most important client input will be at the start of the engagement, agreeing upon the most appropriate strategy and from there client input is expected to be minimal. We are always conscious of the need to ensure tax enquiries are completed as soon as possible, with minimal tax exposure and we achieve this by engaging in pro-active and co-operative communication with the Revenue.

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